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PM Philosophy

You don’t climb a mountain
in slippers.

The right conditions are needed for projects to achieve their goal: a balanced relationship between organisation, processes, methods, and software. And an environment in which people enjoy getting involved in the project.

With more than 30 years’ experience in the field of international Project Management, Le Bihan paves the way for companies to achieve project success.

You, too, can reach your chosen summit without breaking a leg.

About the company 

PM Roadmap

Providing more than advice and support
our PM Roadmap paves the way to your project success.

PM Roadmap

Providing more than advice and support
our PM Roadmap paves the way to your project success.

Long List Request for Proposal Short List Requirements Specification Technical Management Software-Training Software-Implementation Go Live Project Success Selection PM Software Process Analysis Requirements Analysis Organisation Consulting Strategy Consulting Project Support
Selection PM Software pm Change pm Operations pm Engineering pm Toolreport pm Toolfinder pm Consulting PM Solution RequirementsSpecification Short List Long List Software-Training Technical Management Go Live Request for Proposal Strategy Consulting Software-Implementation Organisation Consulting Process Analysis Requirementsanalysis

Le Bihan Ensures Your Project Success

Our Project Management Roadmap helps you make the right choices. With one click on the Roadmap, find out which route leads you to project success.


The success of our concepts is mirrored in their feasibility. Combining both consulting and implementation services is an integral part of our DNA. That’s why we’re  also happy to take on responsibility during the realisation phase. 

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When introducing and optimising Project Management solutions, time and again we witness companies having to deal with unforeseen challenges and internal resistance that can cause the entire project to fail.

We will show you what methods can be used to transform internal resistance into a driving force: because it’s people who make projects successful. 

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A standard or customised solution? Both. We implement standard PM software and adapt it as required or develop supplementary modules as required. This results in solutions which are implemented as close as possible to existing standards. At the same time, our solutions are as scalable and flexible as necessary. 

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Le Bihan can take over the PM operations of your challenging projects for you.

Our experienced project managers will support you when you face HR bottlenecks or help you get out of difficult project situations. 

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Find the right software for your Project Management, using one of Europe’s largest evaluation platforms.

PM Toolfinder matches your requirements to the right software. 

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In what can be a confusing market, we give you an overview of relevant software solutions. Le Bihan independently and systematically evaluates all essential Project Management tools and offers you a detailed market analysis via our PM Toolreport. 

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"We truly benefit from the development, project management and business consultancy expertise of Le Bihan. They are dedicated, approachable, and challenge us with their no‐nonsense approach. Our long‐standing partnership with Le Bihan continues to be enjoyable, beneficial and productive."

Salome McAleese
Portfolio and Program Management Leader (pRED)
F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG


You’re well on your way
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